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The Top 3 Spring Updates for Your Garage

Longer days, moderate temperatures, serenading birds, and stunning vistas officially return tomorrow. The beginning of spring is ideal for cutting the clutter, deep cleaning, and completing home improvements. 

There is just something incredibly refreshing about starting fresh by spring cleaning. Equally deserving of your spring cleaning and updating efforts is your garage, most importantly, the garage door springs.

Embrace the season with the following garage updates.

Add More Storage

Whether freestanding or mounted, shelving and cabinets are an excellent, cost-effective way to reduce clutter and stay organized. Multipurpose options like shelving units are perfect for storing a wide range of items, while storage rails allow you to hang shovels, racks, and other long-handled tools. Overhead storage racks are excellent for freeing floor space and allow for the attachment of bike hooks.

Change Your Garage Door Springs

You don’t necessarily have to wait until they deplete their cycles, effectively breaking to upgrade to more durable, high-cycle garage door springs. These torsion springs are typically rated for 20,000 cycles, double the number that the standard option provides. That means if you open the door, let’s say four times per day; they will last about 14 years rather than seven.

repair professional should always install garage door springs.

Upgrade to a Smart Garage Door Opener

If you’ve ever driven away from home and then turned around to ensure the garage door is closed, you may want to consider a smart garage door opener, which allows for remote monitoring and operation. Aside from offering peace-of-mind, these openers are available with either a belt- or screw-drive for quieter operation, and some can be used for more advanced things like in-garage delivery.

Sun Devil Garage Door offers garage door and opener installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services. We also provide new garage doors in various materials, designs, and optional features to enhance your curb appeal. A replacement door may even offer a significant return on investment.

Our company is further committed to using the highest quality, most durable replacement products from trusted manufactures and stocking our service trucks each morning. High-cycle torsion springs are available to order. Support local and schedule a service appointment by contacting us at (480) 838-9397.

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