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Torsion vs. Extension Garage Door Springs

Torsion and extension garage door springs are designed to prevent stressing the motor in your garage door opener by counterbalancing the door’s weight each time it is operated. That is often as many as four times per day in the typical household, while larger families and those with multiple drivers may use it with far more frequency....

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How to Know When Professional Garage Door Service is Needed?

Your garage door consists of several moving parts that work together each time you press your garage door opener transmitter or wall button. After being operated more than a thousand times per year, these components may show signs of wear and tear, which can subsequently cause the door to malfunction. Maintaining your garage door is...

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The Importance of Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

A garage door is an essential component of every home. Not only does it provide increased convenience (entrance at the touch of a button), it also enhances the curb appeal of most houses. It additionally creates a secure space for both our vehicles and personal belongings. Yet despite all these benefits, it continues to be...

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