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Interested in a Smart Garage Door Opener?

According to the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), “when Americans come home from work or school, the front door now takes a back seat to the garage door.” Being able to drive right in after a long day provides unsurpassed convenience. Residents have also reported feeling safer and more secure when entering...

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How to Heat Your Garage in the Winter?

While its primary function is to shelter cars, many Americans use their garage for alternative purposes such as household storage, hobbies (e.g., working on cars, woodworking, or getting fit) and home improvement projects. If you will be spending time in the garage this winter, you very well may want to consider effective methods for...

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How to Know When Professional Garage Door Service is Needed?

Your garage door consists of several moving parts that work together each time you press your garage door opener transmitter or wall button. After being operated more than a thousand times per year, these components may show signs of wear and tear, which can subsequently cause the door to malfunction. Maintaining your garage door...

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