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3 Common Reasons for Garage Door Repairs

Your garage door and garage door opener must function optimally. If you’re visually inspecting the door monthly, you may be able to identify minor problems and contact Sun Devil Garage Door for same-day garage door repairs before those issues can become more significant and costly. Also, remember, routine maintenance is incredibly beneficial to the continued operation of the door.

Contact a Pro for These Issues

Grinding Noise

Although some noise can be expected, especially with a chain-drive opener, grinding noises usually signify that the motor in your opener is about to give out. Additional causes for a noisy garage door include a misaligned door or tracks and worn rollers. A garage door professional can track down the offending part and, after replacing a few parts, silence your door. You may want to consider a smart garage door opener with a belt-drive for quieter operation as well.

Faulty Photo Eyes

Today’s garage door openers feature photoelectric sensors, more commonly known as “photo eyes,” which are designed to automatically stop and reverse the downward momentum of the door if an obstacle is detected. A LED light may continually flash, and the door will not function if the sensors are misaligned, dirty, or if something is blocking them. Troubleshoot by carefully cleaning the lens and ensuring no obstacles exist. If the door still does not open, you’ll need professional garage door repairs.

Broken Garage Door Springs

A crucial component of your garage door is its springs. Whether torsion or extension, the springs counterbalance the weight of the door, using stored energy to safely lift and lower it each time you press a button. These springs are designed with a limited number of cycles and, depending on usage, require replacement every three to 14 years. They may also break due to rust or damage. Professional replacement of broken garage door springs is vital as they are under immense pressure.

Do You Need Garage Door Repairs?

Sun Devil Garage Door can diagnose and repair issues, whether minor or significant, as they arise with your garage door or opener. For your peace-of-mind, our company offers same-day and 24-hour emergency garage door repairs and always uses durable products, which are stocked daily on our service trucks. All replacement products are from manufacturers that you can trust such as LiftMaster®. Schedule an appointment with Sun Devil Garage Door today at (480) 838-9397 and #supportlocal.

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