Replacing Your Garage Door Handles

Replacing Your Garage Door Handles

Four-hinged panels are what most sectional garage doors are composed of – these panels typically are subject to wear and tear. Sometimes even being damaged from regular human activities like children playing kickball or basketball or someone accidentally backing up into the garage door – whoops!

Thankfully, garage door panel replacements are possible; of course, this depends on the extent of damage, but the door’s age is also a crucial consideration. Garage doors are heavier than some may initially expect, so it is always wise to contact a garage door repair professional to review the damaged door and recommend the proper fixes for your garage door repair needs.

Repairing or Replacing

There are three critical factors that you should always consider when researching your options – see below to help make an informed decision on if you need to replace or repair your damaged panels. If you are still unsure, Sun Devil Garage Door can help make suitable recommendations based on your personal needs:

  • Age of Door. A newer garage is only considered new within a 10-year timeframe; if your garage door fits in this category, finding replacement panels should be relatively easy. Since the Arizona sun can cause things to fade, think about painting your garage door to ensure all sections match. 
  • Cause of Damage. If the damage results from a collision, the impact force may have caused the door’s balance to get thrown off, bent the track, or caused a spring or cable to break. To the untrained eye, these damages are much easier to miss; in cases like this, panel replacement is not viable since multiple sections are damaged. In these types of situations, the garage door can become hazardous. 
  • Cost to Replace Panel vs. Door. If you find extensive damage or the panels for your specific door are no longer in production – maybe you’re looking to upgrade your curb appeal; in either case, a more cost-effective solution would be to replace the garage door altogether. Consult a garage door repair professional to make an informed buying decision.

Your New Garage Door, Professionally Installed

Sun Devil Garage Door offers installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services for all makes and models of garage doors and garage door openers. We can also provide a new garage door with your materials, designs, and optional features.

We are proud to have years of sales, installation, and repair services experience. We provide high-quality service at affordable prices. Contact us today at (480) 838-9397.

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