What you need to know before your converting your carport to a garage

Garage Carport We all know, having a garage door is a very helpful amenity to have. Unfortunately, not every home is blessed with such a beneficial feature. We have noticed that the older homes here, in Arizona, usually have carports instead of enclosed garages. We have spent lot of time, in the Valley of the Sun, converting carports into beautiful and functioning garages.

1) Get permission from your homeowners’ association (If this applies to your neighborhood). Take the neighborhood policies into consideration because beginning any work on your home. This will save you from being fined and you won’t have to hold up any project momentum to deal with any HOA issues. 

2) Make a plan! Decide what kind of garage door style you want, and plan to have our professional garage door technicians working at your home to revamp your carport. Garage Door

3) Get help – This may seem like a silly point to discuss, but it never hurts to remind all the ambitious homeowners out there, that this is a job for a professional. Using us, as the trained garage door company, allows us help you decide on all the proper garage door accessories and proper ways of installation. Don’t do this daunting task alone, let us help!

4) After the carport in completely transformed and looking beautiful, we don’t stop there. We like to think long term and provide preventative measures in order to ensure a long last garage. One of the ways we do this is by insulating your garage. The proper insulation will keep your garage door cool and protected from any weather changes. It is important factor to consider!

For more information on converting your carport into a fully functioning garage, contact us today. Sun Devil Garage Door has excellent pricing and services available for all of our customers. If you need a quote on a small garage door repair, call us! If you need a complete garage door replacement, call us! We can provide a vast range of garage door solutions, so contact us today: East Valley: 480-838-9397 ♦ Phoenix: 602-510-1686

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