summer garage prep

Summer Garage Prep

With temperatures hovering in the mid-90s, it’s time to break out the sunblock and sunglasses, especially when out in nature – even though it’s only spring and summer hasn’t yet arrived. The seasons’ warm weather also provides us with the perfect opportunity to prepare the garage door for summer before it gets too hot outside.

Here are five summer garage prep tips to help get you started.

Bring Summer Toys Forward

It’s getting to be that time again. Make sure your summer toys and equipment are ready to go by bringing them forward; moving fall, winter, and seasonal items to the back of your storage racks. Once you’ve reorganized the contents of your garage, spend some time working on your summer vehicles by performing oil changes, topping off all necessary fluids and charging the batteries.

Lubricate Key Components

One of the easiest ways to keep your garage door moves up and down the tracks smoothly, and quietly throughout the summer is to lubricate key components. This includes the springs, hinges, and chains. Avoid using WD-40 on these parts. Use silicone or white lithium grease. Clean the tracks with a damp cloth. Don’t use lubricant on them as it could cause the door to slip and become unbalanced.

Inspect the Springs

Don’t let their modest size fool you. The torsion or, alternatively, the extension springs provide counterbalancing force to raise and lower the entire weight of the garage door. After thousands of uses, however, they may succumb to metal fatigue and snap – rendering the door nonoperational. Rust can also lead to their breakage. Professional replacement is the only repair option available for broken garage door springs.

Inspect the springs for excessive wear or rust every month. You should also test the springs’ tension by pulling the emergency release on the opener while the door is closed. Then, manually lift the door to waist height, and release. The door should remain open. If it closes, the tension needs to be immediately, and professionally adjusted. Always contact a local garage door professional for spring adjustment or replacement!

Clean the Door

Garage doors are exposed to the elements 365 days a year and, as such, can build up a film of dirt. Washing the door can have a positive effect on curb appeal. Water and mild dishwashing detergent can be used to clean the surface of steel and aluminum garage doors. Use a soft brush, cloth, and/or chamois and avoid using a pressure washer to prevent damaging the door.


Although, a nice reprieve before the triple digits of summer hit, temperatures in the mid-90s are expected next week. These increasing temperatures can make entering the garage unbearable. Reduce the flow of heat into the garage during the summer by ensuring the garage door is properly insulated. This can also help keep the heat out of any living spaces that are directly above or adjacent the garage.

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