Order out of Chaos: Garage Organization

Many people don’t enter their homes through the front door. They come in through the largest portal, a space that often serves double, or triple duty. This is the case for many garage door owners. The 20-x-22 foot space of a two-car garage is where you will often find tools, holiday decorations, and household spillover mingled with the family car and expensive toys.

Facing a jam-packed garage is, for many, a way of life – as well as a constant source of irritation. Whether you use this space to store your belongings, park your car, or just pass through our goal at Sun Devil Garage Door is to help you transform it to be a place that is both functional and organized.

Clearing the Way

Time to clear the chaos – and start the fall season off right; with a newly organized garage. The first thing you should do no matter the decluttering project before you is to determine what isn’t working in space. In the case of some garages that is everything.

When objects are haphazardly thrown on the garage floor, left to become a disorganized mess, chaos and confusion can quickly ensue. A chaotic garage tends to lend itself to a stressful experience – both mentally and physically. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have to navigate around the clutter.

Making Space

Before you can start adding in the elements that will help create order, you have to sort through the chaos that is your belongings, purging anything that doesn’t serve a useful purpose in your life or that you haven’t used in the last six months. While straightforward; this is a critical step in decluttering.

This easy project offers the greatest satisfaction – trust me. Once you’re done purging you can gather all your sports equipment, gardening tools, holiday decorations, household spillover, unpacked boxes, etc., and place them on easily accessible shelving units.

Another must-have, especially for handymen and women, is a workstation. Many of the ensembles available today will make any garage look coordinated and finished. Freestanding and wall cabinets along with pegboards can be purchased for a nominal fee at virtually any home improvement store.

Everything in its Place

One of our favorite phrases is: “A place for everything and everything in its place.” If you had told us 10 years ago that we would be compulsive over the organization; we would have never believed you. Sound familiar? Organizing isn’t nearly as complicated as some would have you believe.

When we reduce the chaos through the organization, we create a place that is both tranquil and inviting. Placing see-through bins on your newly assembled shelving, labels under your tools on the peg board and parking assists that work with your garage door opener can ensure your garage doesn’t become a chaotic place again.

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