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The 4 Most Popular New Garage Doors

You can instantly boost your curb appeal by investing in new garage doors. This home improvement project also offers a substantial return on investment, according to the 2020 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine, making it an excellent investment opportunity if selling your home is in the foreseeable future.

Material Considerations for New Garage Doors


Steel is among one of the most sought-after materials for new garage doors – and with good reason – as it is durable and stylish. It can be painted in your choice of color to complement your home and is available with or without insulation. Steel can be made to mimic the look of natural wood, as well, depending on the panels and colors that you select.


Fiberglass is an excellent choice for durability and insulation. These doors are constructed using both fiberglass and steel that is highly resistant to the state’s unpredictable weather. They are also less prone to denting, rust, and other types of damage that can limit a door’s longevity. Fiberglass, much like steel, can also be built to look like natural wood.

Natural Wood

A wood door provides unparalleled beauty that will turn heads. These doors are available in various hardwoods, including cedar, hemlock, and redwood. The panels can be factory painted or stained in a myriad of colors so that you can choose the best look for your home. There are also different panel options, from traditional to contemporary, to consider when selecting natural wood.

Aluminum & Glass

A relatively new option is a corrosion-resistant aluminum framed and glass-paneled garage door. Commonly known as full-view doors, these materials allow ample amounts of natural light to infuse the garage, perfect for residents who spend a lot of time in the space. If privacy is a concern, there are frosted glass panels that limit people from viewing what’s inside.

Upgrade Your Garage Doors Today

Sun Devil Garage Door offers a full line of new garage doors to complement any architectural style. There are plenty of material, design, and hardware options for you to choose from when selecting a new door. The most popular choices among today’s residents include steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Our company can also diagnose and repair issues, whether minor or significant, as they arise with your garage door or opener. For your peace-of-mind, we offer same-day and 24-hour emergency garage door repair and are committed to using durable products, which are stocked on our service trucks each morning.

Schedule an appointment today at (480) 838-9397 and #supportlocal.

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