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Troubleshooting Garage Door Openers

Garage door opener repair is something you should never attempt yourself. That is, however, not to say that you cannot troubleshoot the problem yourself. Just make sure to contact a garage door professional for all needed repairs or replacement.

Do You Need Garage Door Opener Repair?

Here are some common problems that you may encounter with your garage door opener. The wall switch or remote won’t respond to commands; your garage door won’t close all the way; or the door reverses directly when attempting to close it.

An additional problem could be that the door won’t open during the winter. The last obstacle you could encounter is the motor won’t stop running after the door is open.

The Opener Won’t Activate

If your garage door won’t budge after pressing the remote or wall switch, the likely problem is a disruption of power. The usual reason is the motor unit is unplugged or isn’t plugged in completely.

Another possible reason could be tripped or burnt out circuit. The final possibility is that the motor has burnt out, requiring you to hire a service professional to replace the motor.

Your Garage Door Won’t Completely Close

If your door opens correctly but won’t close entirely, here are three common reasons. First, the close limit switch needs adjusting. Second, safety sensors need adjustment/realignment. The last reason could be rusted/damaged rollers cause the door to bind in the tracks. 

The Door Reverses Before Closing

There are two possible reasons your door is reversing before hitting the floor, the first being that the close-force setting needs adjusting. This is caused by friction from the rollers fooling the opener to think the door has reached the floor. 

The second reason could be damaged or rusted rollers, causing extra friction. If your door is reversing as soon as it hits the floor, this is caused by a problem with the close-limit switched.

Your Garage Door Won’t Open in the Winter

During the winter, you may want to adjust the sensitivity on the motor unit for your opener. Another problem you could face during the winter is your rollers getting stiff so that the opener refuses to move. Lubricating your rollers can help solve this problem. 

If the motor won’t stop running, it means the up-limit switch needs moving away from the motor unit. You’ll probably notice this after installing your garage door opener. These problems all require professional repair.

Professional Garage Door Opener Repair

Sun Devil Garage Door can diagnose and repair all your garage door issues. We will provide you with an accurate garage door repair estimate before beginning any work. Our trucks are stocked daily with specialized equipment and replacement parts, ensuring that most problems can be repaired the same day.

Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to serve all your garage door repair, garage door installation, and garage door service needs today. Contact us at (480) 838-9397 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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