Holiday Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Holiday Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Besides a quality garage door service to make it easy for that car lover in your life to take their project vehicle in and out of the garage, what are some excellent gift ideas for them? Holiday shopping is difficult enough, and it can be even more stressful when it comes to shopping for those auto enthusiasts.

This list is not just for car lovers; a few of these ideas are great for those that are on the go and heavy travelers. Sun Devil Garage Door has created a list of different garage related products that you’ll want to gift to that car lover in your life, but here are few more cool ideas.

Professional Garage Door Service

Sun Devil Garage Door can diagnose and repair all your garage door issues. We will provide you with an accurate garage door repair estimate before beginning any work. Our trucks are stocked daily with specialized equipment and replacement parts, ensuring that most problems can be repaired the same day.

Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to serve all your garage door repair, garage door installation, and garage door service needs today. Contact us at (480) 838-9397 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Universal Air Vent Mounts

Arizona has recently passed a hands-free law, and the crackdowns have begun on those that are texting and driving, so cellphone mounts have become increasingly popular. Cellphone car mounts are fantastic for everyone because they allow you to use maps, make calls, and more all while hands-free.

A quality mount has a sturdy base and a robust magnetic head to keep your phone in place. These types of mounts allow you to rotate your phone and swivel the display in the direction you choose – and the mount won’t move.

Complete Car Care Kits

Chances are you know a car lover that prides themselves on how clean their vehicle looks. Car care kits are perfect for these individuals because they contain products to clean, freshen, and protect your car’s interior and exterior.

Protectants help fight against fading and cracking, as well as provide UV protection. Shine wax gently removes debris while leaving your car shiny. Tire protectant not only cleanses your tires but also helps fight against UV deterioration.

Car Seat Gap Filler

You probably can’t count the number of times you have lost things while driving between your seat and the center console, which is why a gap filler is an excellent investment. Installing most is done by attaching the built-in slot to your seat belt, creating a snug and secure fit.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car enthusiasts and busy parents alike will love a car vacuum because you can avoid going to a car wash to use their vacuums to clean your vehicle’s interior. A good vacuum will be able to quickly pick up debris, pet hair, and dirt particles. Shoot for one that is lightweight, and comes with several cleaning accessories, so that it is easier for you to clean every part of your car.

Portable Jump Starter and Power Supply

Being stuck somewhere with a dead battery is probably one of everyone’s fears when it comes to problems with your car. New jumper cables are useful for this problem, especially if they come with some extra accessories.

Jumpstarters take away the worry of nobody being around when your car dies, and some include built-in USB ports to power your devices. The Rugged Geek Portable Jump Starter and Power Supply will come with these accessories as well as an LED flashlight.

Mechanics Tool Sets and Chest

Anyone that works on cars knows how vital a quality toolset is and the need for a heavy-duty place to store those tools. Crescent, Craftsman, and Snap-On are some of the leading mechanic toolsets on the market. You’ll also want to pick up a great tool chest to house their brand-new tools.

Craftsman, Husky, Milwaukee, and CAT are some of the top tool chests and cabinets on the market. They’re constructed out of heavy-duty steel, which means they are sturdy, durable, and should last a lifetime.

What are you asking for this holiday season?

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