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Why Won’t My Garage Door Work?

Here are some frequently asked questions Valley residents ask a local garage door professional like Sun Devil Garage Door when their garage door isn’t working correctly.

Why won’t my garage door close all the way?

If you notice that the garage door closes then goes back up or doesn’t even begin to close, the first thing you want to check is the alignment of the photoelectric sensors or “photo eyes,” which are located about six inches above the floor on both sides of the door. If they’re misaligned, dirty, or blocked, you may notice a flashing LED light.

These sensors are designed for safety and will automatically cause the door to stop and reverse its downward momentum should an obstacle, whether animate or inanimate, be detected.

You can troubleshoot by carefully cleaning the lens on each sensor, ensuring they are aligned, and ensuring no obstacles exist. However, if the door still won’t open, it’s best to contact a local garage door professional, as another issue may be causing the door not to close all the way.

Why won’t my garage door open?

If you pull into your driveway and activate the garage door, but it doesn’t respond by opening, the first thing to check is the batteries in the remote if your system is equipped with a standard garage door opener. After changing the batteries or if using a smart opener, the door doesn’t open, another more pressing issue may be the culprit.

broken garage door spring is one of the most common reasons – especially if operating the door four times per day and it’s been more than seven years since replacement. If this is the case, you may notice a break in the spring and must contact a repair professional for an immediate replacement to restore the safe operation of the door. Please don’t attempt to open the door or repair it yourself, as the springs are dangerous.

Other reasons for a door not to open include but are not limited to a faulty opener, broken cables, limit issues, and damaged track. A repair professional can come to your home to troubleshoot and make necessary repairs, often the same day you call, so you can go back to enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

How often should a local garage door professional service my door?

A myriad of parts and components work together to ensure the door’s safety and reliability. Scheduling routine maintenance by a local garage door professional is the best way to ensure its critical moving parts are lubricated and all safety features like the automatic reverse mechanism and photoelectric sensors are operating correctly. A professional can also identify any problem areas and suggest repairs to prevent the door from malfunctioning. Ultimately, maintenance appointments help prevent costly issues, helping to save you money. 

Sun Devil Garage Door is your local source for garage door installation, maintenance, repair, and new garage door and opener sales. In addition to stocking durable, high-quality replacement parts on our service trucks each morning, we can order specialty replacement products such as high cycle torsion springs. Our company is here to help you solve all your garage door system issues, often the same day you call, so don’t delay contacting us at (480) 838-9397 so that we can help you get your system operating safely and reliably again.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2011 and updated for accuracy and comprehension in April 2022.

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