high cycle torsion springs

Why Invest in High Cycle Torsion Springs

Garage door springs are rated for 10,000 cycles, with a cycle counting as one full open and close of the door. Suppose you operate it four times per day, 365 days per year for 1,460 cycles. In that case, you can expect a standard spring to last you about seven years, after which time you’ll need to contact a repair professional for replacement. While this is one of the most common repairs your door will encounter, replacement is the only “fix,” and it’s best to replace them in pairs, should your system require two springs. That is true whether you need extension or torsion springs.

You can determine what type you have by their installation location. For example, extension springs are mounted on both sides of the door alongside the track, whereas torsion springs are installed horizontally on a bar above the opening.

The beauty with the latter is that they work with other components like drums and cables to twist while lifting the weight of the door and untwist, releasing tension as the door closes, and are designed for durability. They are also available as either a standard or high cycle torsion spring. If you are frequently coming and going or have multiple drivers in your household, you may want to consider investing in high cycle torsion springs, which provide double the number of cycles than standard. That means increased peace of mind knowing your springs won’t break anytime soon.

What Is a High Cycle Torsion Spring?

A high cycle spring is fabricated using your existing part’s measurements, then engineering the gauge and length of the spring without impacting the inches per pound per ton (IPPT). The result is a torsion spring exposed to less stress when fully wound, allowing you to open and close your garage door on demand at least 20,000 times rather than the standard 10,000 cycles. To determine your replacement frequency, divide 20,000 by the number of times you operate the door. For example, if you open and close the door four times per day for 28 cycles, the life expectancy will be about 14 years. The best part is that having these professionally installed won’t cost you much more.

Trust Spring Installation to the Pros

With many variables in terms of measurements, not to mention standard and high cycle options, the door must be repaired with the correct replacement. In addition, replacing a broken garage door spring requires the use of specialized tools and techniques to achieve the proper torque, placing them under immense tension that makes them incredibly dangerous.

You should never attempt to replace torsion springs by yourself – always consult a professional, as they possess the expertise and equipment to repair your door safely.

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