Start Out 2015 Organized

Why not ditch the old ways of 2014, and take on a new and organized 2015! We are encouraging all of our faithful customers to try something new, by sifting through the old and making things new. Maybe you’ve been able to keep your home clean, but your garage is lacking in the tidy aspect. It stops now!

Here are a few ways to complete a garage make-over without spending tons of money. Let’s be honest, it’s easy for your garage to turn into a storage unit instead of a place to park your car. It can happen so fast! First you throw random boxes inside, then you knock over the box of screws and never put them back in order, and of course you keep all your Christmas decorations in there too. 

We all have stuff we don’t need. So the first step we encourage you to do, is going through all of the stuff in your garage and throwing out the old, and donating the things you don’t use anymore. This will be the longest portion of the process of getting organized.

Once you have decided what you want to keep, and what you want to donate, you can begin the second step! Visit a local Container store and purchase the right storage units that you’ll need. Your garage may need a lot of smaller containers if you have a lot of loose tools or hardware. Or you may need to buy larger baskets and bins to store the big items that you are keeping. Regardless, try to plan out the items you need so you don’t have to make two trips. 

Now, before you get to excited about getting everything put away, you need to complete the third step! This is the step that will really make a difference. Since you’ve taken the time to clean out all of the old things, it’s time to actually clean your garage. You can use a broom to sweep the first layer of dirt out, and then we recommend using your outdoor hose to spray off the garage floor. We always want to give our customers the garage door sensor warning. If you are hosing off your garage floor, be careful not to spray your garage sensors and knock them out of alignment! 

Once your garage floor has dried, put all your new storage containers in their proper places, and ENJOY! Aw, starting out the new year with a very clean start! 

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