Updating Your Garage Door

before and after garageGarage Door Hardware Update

We understand that once we install your new garage door, or repair any issues, you may not need any additional repairs for a long time after that. We understand that while you may not need repairs, you may want to update your garage door appearance, without redoing your whole garage. So we have found a great way to spruce up your old layout – with some simple hardware that you can get at The Home Depot or any local hardware store.

Find the perfect look that fits your garage and home style. Make sure it comes with the proper screws and accessories. If it doesn’t already Garage Hardware come included, take the time to pick those items up while you are out at the store. This simple project can really increase the look and value of your garage.

If you notice that your garage door needs repairs or if you are worried about a spring breaking or your censors being out of line, don’t wait to contact us.

Phoenix: 602-510-1686

Boise: 208-994-7038


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