How do you know it’s time to call a garage door specialist?

Garage Door TipSometimes people are so quick to call a professional, when sometimes it isn’t even necessary. There are a few ways you can prevent wasting money on a service call, while also fixing the issue.

Here are a few things to check, before call your friends at Sun Devil Garage Door.

1) NO POWER – Make sure at the first sight of your garage door not opening or closing, that you check to see if the motor is plugged in. Sometimes we can forget that your door uses electricity in order to operate. If you notice that the cord is plugged in, double check that the outlet isn’t shot, by plugging in another device.

2) Misaligned Photo Eye Sensor – Sometimes you may experience your garage door not working, at random. Another way you can prevent an unnecessary service call is by checking your sensors. You will find them on the bottom of both edges of your garage door. Make sure they are aligned, and clean off the sensors because sometimes the dust can cause an interference. 

3) Dead Batteries – Garage door remotes take very little power to work. Which means you can go a long time without replacing them, and forgetting that they even exist sometimes! If your garage won’t open or close when your using your hand help remote, try checking your batteries. If that still doesn’t work, then it may be something a little more serious.

If you try all three steps, and you seem to still be having trouble with your garage door, it’s probably time to call us! You can reach us at:

Phoenix: 480-405-7780

Boise: 208-994-703

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