Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Have you noticed your garage door not opening properly or maybe it’s not opening up at all? The garage door springs, torsion or extension all provide tension to raise and lower the garage door by the push of a button. Essentially, they are providing all of the heavy lifting that prevents strain on the garage door’s motor for the opener. When this happens, contacting a professional to help repair spring damage is essential as the tension makes them dangerous. 

Cycle Depletion

A big reason for broken springs to occur is due to depletion. Springs are usually manufactured with a standard count of ten thousand – seemingly a lot, this cycle depletes quickly with full-time operation. Say you were to open your garage door roughly 4 times per day, the spring life expectancy at that rate would be around seven years before replacement is needed. This greatly depends on your garage door usage but they can last between seven to fourteen years.

Frequently dealing with broken springs? Consider upgrading to high-cycle torsion springs that will give you upwards of 20,00 cycles. 

Once your garage door springs have exhausted their cycle count – it’s time to consider professional repair to get the replacement done quickly and safely with all the proper equipment necessary making sure the springs are reliable for years to come.  

Professional Replacement of Garage Door Springs

Sun Devil Garage Door offers installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services for all makes and models of garage doors and garage door openers. We also provide new garage doors in a variety of materials, designs, and optional features.

We are further committed to using durable replacement products from trusted manufacturers, like LiftMaster®, and keeping our service trucks stocked to better assist you with repairing your door or opener. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (480) 838-9397.

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