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Is your remote control malfunctioning? Don’t you just hate when you pull into your driveway and you press the remote control button to open your garage and it doesn’t open? This happens a lot, with many people. Electric remote control openers are very delicate mechanism, a lot can go wrong. Incase you are struggling with your remote control right now, here are some troubleshooting ideas:

1. Check the power source. It may be that electricity is no longer getting to the garage door’s electrical components.

2. Pull the emergency release chain. If doing so does not open the door you should move onto the next step.

3. Check for any obstructions in the door tracks. Small pebbles, globs of paint or hard packed dirt balls may be keeping the door from moving properly.

4. Check for any damage to the door itself. Perhaps someone accidently hit the door with a bicycle or something else.

5. Let the motor of the opener cool for 15 minutes. It could be that the opener has over heated or is over loaded.

6. Press the auxiliary push button control. If the door still doesn’t work, a faulty push button controller could be to blame.

7. Sometimes if a neighbor is inadvertently using the same garage door security code as you it will cause your garage door to cease functioning properly. Try changing your security code.

8. Over time the header and or door bracket can work their way loose and cause the door to bind. Inspect and correct any alignment issues.

9. If the garage door reverses while it’s moving up or down, it may be that the safety sensitivity control needs to be adjusted. This is also the case if the door won’t reserve at all.

10. If the garage door partially opens or closes it may be that height adjustment screws need adjusting. Try adjusting the screws and then try operating the door again to see if adjusting the screws caused any improvements in the situation.

If after completing the troubleshooting steps listed above, and your garage door still isn’t working property you will want to contact Sun Devil Garage Boise and we will send out licensed repair specialist.

Call us at our Boise Location: 208-994-7038

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