Insulating Your Garage

Well-Insulated Garage Is Important.

Sun Devil Garage DoorWe live in Arizona, and with that, comes heat. Even though it’s still spring, people are already turning their air conditioners on. Summer is just around the corner and you need to start thinking about how to keep your house cool.

Most homeowners don’t think about relationship between your garage door and your electric bill, but well-insulated garage door can go a long way. Having you garage door properly installed, insulated and sealed, can greatly diminish the worry about your cooling and heating costs. Even when you have the most energy efficient windows, doors, and cooling units your home’s largest opening is the garage door.  It is also the most used entrance/exit in your house, according to LiftMaster; seven out of ten homeowners rely on the garage door as their primary entrance. What that means in energy terms? It means that your garage door is the largest energy drain in your home.

Well-insulated doors offer benefits because it reduces the flow of heat into the garage, and the insulation in your garage door further limits the spread of heat into your home. If your garage door is not insulated, that’s just one less barrier to the heating or cooling efficiency of your home. Another thing to think about is seal. Even if your garage door is insulated, if you don’t have the proper seal on the garage door, you may be still losing heat or cold. Leave this to the professionals; the process of sealing and insulating your garage door is very delicate.

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