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Get Your Garage Ready for Fall

It is September, and the autumnal equinox is a few short weeks away. In addition to routine home maintenance, such as cleaning the gutters and rotating summer with fall and winter items, it essential to take care of your garage. Of particular importance is having a broken garage door repaired by a professional.

Here are some tips to ensure your garage is ready for fall.

Ensure Safe Operation

There are certain things you should do every month to make sure the door is operating safely and reliably. That includes visually inspecting it while it is stationary and moving for unusual movement or noises.

Also vital is testing its balance, photoelectric sensors, and automatic reversal mechanism. According to the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association, these safety features are designed to prevent severe injury and are required by federal law.

Balance: Disconnect the door from the opener so that you can manually open it halfway. A balanced door will remain in place, supported by its springs, after you release it. Any movement indicates a problem with the springs, and it must be addressed by a repair professional.

Sensors: To test the photoelectric sensors, or safety eyes, begin with the door open. Activate the opener to close. While the door is closing, block one sensor by waving a broom in front of it. The door should immediately reverse direction, but if it doesn’t, then you should not operate it until repairs are made.

Automatic Reversal: Test by placing a one-inch board flat in the center of the garage door opening. Press the opener button to close the door. The door must reverse direction immediately upon meeting the board. If the door stops or fails to reopen, then the opener’s travel and force limits need to be adjusted by a repair professional.

Declutter and Organize

An organized garage’s benefits include being able to park your vehicle in the space provided, having an area to complete your favorite activities, and locating tools and gear without much effort. Once a year, declutter and organize your garage’s contents into bins, using storage units to store everything so that it is off the floor.

Repair a Broken Garage Door

Several components can, after repeated use, wear out – some more frequently than others. These can result in a broken garage door. The door will require repair or, depending on the part, replacement. Replacement is the only practical option for broken garage door springs, damaged panels, or worn-out rollers.

Sun Devil Garage Door offers Phoenicians a wide selection of garage door services such as maintenance, repair, new products, and installation. Our company can also diagnose and repair both minor and significant problems as they arise with your garage door or automatic opener. More substantial issues, such as broken garage door springs, may be repaired that same day or after regular business hours.

We are further committed to using durable products from trusted manufacturers, such as LiftMaster®, which we stock on our service trucks each morning. Sun Devil Garage Door is also proud to offer an extensive line of new garage doors, automatic openers, and high-cycle torsion springs. #Supportlocal by scheduling a garage door repair appointment today at (480) 838-9397.


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