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How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door?

There are some essential tasks you can do to make sure your garage door remains in optimal physical and working condition. Garage door services include monthly visual checks and necessary assessments. Testing the door’s balance and auto-reverse mechanisms are crucial. An unbalanced door puts more strain on other components, which can cause them to break prematurely, making for a dangerous situation.

More substantial garage door services include lubricating all moving parts and replacing parts as they wear out. These things should be respectively done semi-annually and as needed. Never attempt to replace components yourself; always schedule an appointment with a repair professional.

One of the most common parts to break are the springs. Whether you have torsion or extension springs, these are designed for a limited number of cycles, usually 10,000. A cycle is depleted each time you come and go; therefore, the number of years they last are dependent on usage. That said, you can usually expect them to last between three and fourteen years, double that for high-cycle springs.

Vital Safety Tests

The directions for performing three crucial safety tests each month are as follows:

Balance: To perform this test, close the garage door and detach the opener, which will allow you to lift it manually. Open the door about waist high and then let go. It should move freely and remain open after you’ve released it. If it’s difficult to lift, appears lopsided, or doesn’t stay open, contact a garage door services professional.

Auto Reversal: To test this safety feature, open the garage door and then place a 2X4 on the ground, centered with the opening. Standing inside the garage, activate the opener to close. It must immediately reverse direction upon striking the board. If it fails this test, the force may be too high, and you should contact a pro.

Photoelectric Sensors: Also commonly referred to as the photo or safety eyes, the photoelectric sensors detect obstacles while the door is closing and will automatically signal the opener to reverse direction if an obstruction is present. To test, close the door and wave a broom in front of one of them. Immediately contact a pro if the door doesn’t reverse.

Garage Door Services You Can Trust

Sun Devil Garage Door offers Phoenicians a wide selection of garage door services such as maintenance, repair, new products, and installation. Our company can also diagnose and repair both minor and significant problems as they arise with your garage door or automatic opener. For your peace-of-mind, more substantial issues, such as broken garage door springs, may be repaired that same day or after regular business hours.

We are further committed to using durable products from trusted manufacturers, which we stock on our service trucks each morning. Sun Devil Garage Door is also proud to offer an extensive line of new garage doors, automatic openers, and high-cycle torsion springs. #Supportlocal by scheduling a garage door services appointment today at (480) 838-9397.

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