Spring cleaning is here!

When it’s Spring, it’s time to Clean!

Spring is here and you should start thinking about cleaning out your garage for the summer. Get your family together and have fun doing something productive and beneficial! Cleaning out your garage is important for many reasons. One of those reasons is your garage door sensor. If you have too much clutter in your garage it can misaligned the sensors that are installed to open and close your garage door.

Trash cans, boxes, and pets are three of the most common things that knock safety sensors out of alignment. So, what are the garage door sensors? They protect your family, belongings and pets by not allowing the heavy garage door to close if there is anything in its way. They do this by using an electric sensor that beams across the opening of the garage door. If the sensor doesn’t receive the beam emitted by its opposite sensor, the door won’t close. This seems like a clever device until the components come out of alignment – meaning the door won’t close at all. Garage door sensor is located at the bottom of the door tracks, one on each side, so it is very easy to bump it. The more clutter you have in your garage, the higher the chance of something or someone bumping it or breaking it. The sensors stick out and they are very sensitive, so make sure you do everything possible to avoid touching them.

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