Scary Garage Door Ideas for Halloween

scary garage door ideas

During the month of October as Halloween quickly approaches, homeowners can often be found decorating their front lawns and doors, the garage door included to cement their reputation as the scariest house in the neighborhood.

It doesn’t take much to get the scary look you want either. All it really takes is a little imagination to create some DIY decorations. Don’t forget to finish it all off with some decorative lights or projections and Halloween themed music.

Here are some scary garage door ideas that we found on Pinterest.

A Spooktacular Scene

Supply List:

Tape foil to the door and decorate with scary items, such as cobwebs, vinyl jack-o-lanterns and witch’s brooms. For an extra chill thrill, drip red paint from the top, so it runs down the tinfoil. Place some paper bats or rats around the door for a Spooktacular scene. Faux crows will work as well.

Ghoulish Garland

Supply List:

  • Garland
  • Black spray paint

Make ghoulish garland to drape over the door by spray painting old holiday garland (any will do) black. If you don’t have any, you can find some at your local thrift store, or make your own by threading artificial flowers and large leaves onto thin wire. The leaves create a withered look once they are painted.

Wicked Webs

Supply List:

  • Glow in the dark cobwebs
  • Black lightbulbs (for exterior garage lighting)

Hang glow in the dark cobwebs (purchased at the dollar store) from one side of your garage door to the next. You want to cover as much of the door as you possibly can. Secure with thumb tacks. Swap out the light bulbs in both of your exterior garage/driveway light fixtures with black lights for a frightening chilly scene.

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