Noisy Garage Door

What is causing your noisy garage door?

Sun Devil Garage DoorWeather Conditions: Depending on the climate that you live in, your garage door may be making more noise then normal. Colder weather can enhance the sound of rusted garage door parts. If you are starting to notice your garage door getting louder – call your professional technicians at SUN DEVIL GARAGE DOOR.

Balance: If your garage door is unbalanced, you will experience one of two things. Your garage door will be make loud sounds while opening or closing, or your garage door will eventually completely stop functioning. If this happens, let us repair your garage door immediately. Call Phoenix: 602-510-1686 or Call Boise: 208-994-7038

Hinges and Springs: Another factor that may be causing your noisy garage door is worn out springs or faulty hinges. You may be able use some oil to resolve your issue, but if you are hearing a grinding noise, no amount of oil will fix that. A grinding noise occurs when the gear and sprocket located inside the main console are defective.

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Call Phoenix: 602-510-1686
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